The Different Types Of Internet Service Providers

Internet Service Providers or known as the ISP, is a company that provides Internet connection services and other related services. This ISP has a network both nationally and internationally so that customers or users of the connection provided by the ISP can connect to the global Internet network.

The Different Types Of Internet Service Providers

The network here is a transmission medium that can stream data, which can be cables (modem, cable rental and broadband), radio or VSAT. To obtain Internet access, a computer must use the services of an Internet service providers (ISP).

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With this service, we can get the internet path (online) after connecting our computer to the computer server. The content of this ISP is the people and tools needed to provide an Internet connection service to its customers. These tools are usually servers, routers and so on. This ISP usually implements monthly fees for its customers. This type usually divided into two categories, namely:

  • Dial-up (“cable”): Dial-up connections are now offered largely free or at low prices and require the use of ordinary telephone cables.
  • Broadband (“Broadband”): This relationship may not be cable, satellite internet. Broadband compared to the modem has a much faster speed and always “on” but more expensive.

The services of ISP can normally be divided into two parts:

  • Dial on Demand Internet: Examples of services include: T-Mobile instant dial-up services and other ISPs, as well as some services provided by local wireless ISP.
  • Dedicated Internet: Examples of services include: Service of Channel 11, ACCESS ERA, Speedy of T-mobile and Services of ISP Wireless Local.

The pros and cons of ISP Wire Cable and ISP Wireless. For example, we take one of the ISP T-Mobile.

1. Wire Cable


Conveniently festive
90% of the regions in U.S were covered
Devices are from the Company


Many of Teulle
Depending on the nice-bad phone line in your area
Less professional service

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2. Wireless


It’s fast enough when it’s not raining anymore
Relatively cheap (for computer use over 5 units)
Professional service


Speeds depend on weather
More expensive than cable
Must choose ISP
Depends on the things that exist

How To Get The Service Of Internet Service Providers

Customers who log in to an ISP must comply with the subscription rules established by the ISP. Normally every ISP has its own policies, but in general, ISPs prohibit customers from using the Internet connection for both negative and illegal purposes.

We may already know with Telkomnet Instant that this Internet service product is one of the Internet products that existed long enough in the company. Users will easy in conjunction with the Internet, just put a modem to the PC and telephone line then customers can easily connect just dial a specific number enter the username and password and then you can use it.

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