Learn About Internet Modem Type And The Function

Technology from time to time as we know will be more improve and increase including the equipment too and what we want to tell you here is especially about Internet Modem Technology. You can get and have internet anywhere anytime because nowadays this technology has reach a wide range all around the world.

Learn About Internet Modem Type And The Function

Well, the development of the internet is becoming increasingly accessible. Modem is the name of the internet signal provider tool. Of course you already know this modem? The article modem is used to access the Internet.

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With this modem, the need to access the Internet becomes simple, and even very influential, to make Internet performance easier. But do you know what the meaning of modem is, what are the features and types of modems? Do you want to know the answer? Look at more below.

Modem stands for Modulator Demodulator. Where these two words have meaning that modulator is the part to receive the information signal in a signal carrier ready for delivery, while the meaning of the demodulator is used for conversion is the part of the information signal to be separated from the carrier signal. Here is the list of type of Internet Modem:

External Modem

An external modem is a device that is used for computers to access the Internet. Where data coming from computers in the form of digital signals is converted to analog signals. So when the internet modem receives data in the form of analog signals, they are converted into digital signals and then processed by the computer. These analog signals can be transmitted using telecommunications media such as telephone and radio.

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Internal Modem

The analog signal converted to digital signal before directly sent to the computer and that’s after the data arrive to desired modem

ISDN Modem

Integrated Services Digital Network or known as ISDN is a telecommunications system included in services, such as data, voice or image are integrated into a network that puts digital connectivity from end to end the scope of a comprehensive Support service.

GSM Modem

A GSM modem is a modem type that uses a mobile phone as the system medium for data transmission. Usually this type suppported with connection card.

Analog Modem

As the name implies, the function of this analog modem is a tool to form analog signals and then convert them to digital signals

ADSL Modem

ADSL internet modem comes from the abbreviation Asymetric Digital Subscribe Line is a tool to access the Internet and use analogue phone at the same time that we use with a tool called Splitter. The splitter function in ADSL is to eliminate glitches so that the results can run concurrently, ie use the internet and can also use a regular phone. But do not collide with each other.

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Cable modem

This Type is a modem that receive data from service provider from the cable television

Wireless modem

Wireless, or wireless in the world is a technology that connects two devices to exchange data without using cable media. Work Mode Radio Modem: The exchange of data via the media of certain light waves (such as infrared technology on the remote TV) or radio waves (such as Bluetooth on computers and mobile phones) at a certain frequency.

CDMA Modem

The CDMA modem is a modem type that uses CDMA frequency 800 MHz or CDMA 1x. Also, now is the latest CDMA modem with the frequency EVDO Rev-A or equivalent 3G and the recent is also developing CDMA modem EVDO Rev-B frequency.

The Function Of Internet Modem

In general, the modem function is useful as hardware or hardware to change 2-way communication, which converts the digital signal to an analog signal and vice versa. Other modem features are:

  • Digital signal converter in analog signal
  • Connect devices in the network
  • Carrying out modulation and demodulation activities
  • Perform packet data and communication checks
  • Compress data transmitted via signals

I hope this information will be useful, Thank you.

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