The First Selfie in History Dates Back to 1839

The "selfie", this term still unknown many years ago, has become in a few years one of the most used terms on social networks.

And for good reason, the very famous and prestigious dictionary of Oxford has officially recognized as a word and that 's not all. The now more retweeted tweet (forgive me the tautology) of the story is a #selfie of  Ellen DeGeneres , taken at the 86th Academy Awards by Bradley Cooper.

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3377546 retweets at the time we write these lines. Barack Obama with "Four more years" is now only 2nd in the standings. But where the story becomes more interesting is to go back in time and discover the one who, for the first time has achieved a "Selfie". Hard as an exercise, since you must already know the exact definition.


According to Wikipedia: "A  selfie  is a type of self-portrait photograph, typically taken with a hand-held digital camera or camera phone". And the Oxford Dictionary adds that this photo is supposed to be posted on a social network. In summary, the selfie is a photo of you taken using a conventional camera or smartphone and possibly posted on a social network .


As of today, the first known selfie in history is that of an American pioneer of photography. One fine day in October 1839 , Robert Cornelius decides to take a picture of himself. As much to say to you that it was not easy thing. The devices of the time did not fit in one hand. They also had no self-timer and all the features we attribute to the current devices. How could he take this picture of him? Mystery?

The first light Picture ever taken. 1839.

Mister Cornelius took this picture by removing the lens cap before getting into the field of vision, where he sat for a minute before covering the lens again. On the back of the picture, he wrote:  "The first light Picture ever taken. 1839. "

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After him, in the 20th century the phenomenon of "selfie" was presented under other representations including the fact of taking a picture in front of a mirror .

A woman taking a picture in front of a mirror

Another photo dating from 1920 , shows us three men taking pictures with a camera a little more elaborate, leaving us thinking of selfies as we know them nowadays

selfie of 3 man in 1920

Then the phenomenon became widespread and boomed thanks to social networks including Myspace first, Facebook and others.

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All this shows us that the love of taking pictures is not new today. Even if some people tend to abuse it on social networks, this is not without reminding us of our real human nature. After, the selfie can have another use: see if our last pantsLV is on us, see if we will be good on the photos we will take during the evening to which we are preparing to honor our presence, etc ...

And you often do #SELFIE? Tell us everything:)

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