Uses of mobile and computer technologies are increasing at the fastest pace. The accommodation of these technologies has now been done into our daily life requirements. The new concept coming up for utilizing these technologies is ‘The Gesture Technology’.

What is gesture technology?

We use mouse and keyboard to interact with the computers, touch screens for mobiles and a lot more. Gesture technology is the interaction of human and the computer system without any physical touch or input based mechanisms. It is similar to accessing your computer with the gestures of your hand. If you want to change the slide you move your hand towards right, if you want to go back to the previous slide then move your hand in left direction. It is also utilized in the virtual 3D games. While you play cricket on your television, you just need to stand with a bat in front of your television and hit the shots in the similar manner as you play on the field. In short you can interact with your device and perform the same operations without actually touching them.

How gesture technology helps human beings in their day to day life??

We people are using electronic devices like mobile phone, tablet, TV, laptops and many more almost all the time. And many a times it happens that you are very busy with your device and you have other work to do as well. Then the solution to this problem is Gesture technology.

Everything you need to know about Gesture Technology

Imagine a situation where you are cooking the food and along with it you need to read the news from your tablet, then you can put your tablet aside and you can read the news and change or scroll the page by just using a wave of your hand. With this functionality you can do both work at the same time. This is how gesture technology helps us in various situations.

Gesture technology in mobile:

Gestures can directly be sent via air or it can be done by using the camera of your mobile device. Here hand or face gestures can be used for the interaction between the user and mobile. Using gestures we can perform the usual day to day operations and can make human life easy. the operations involves answering the call, scrolling the screen, unlocking the phone, open most used applications, stop or snooze the alarm, play or pause the songs or videos, increase or decrease the volume and many more.

Even nowadays games are there in market which can be played by gestures. And playing the game with the help of gesture is extremely exciting for the game lovers.

Everything you need to know about Gesture Technology

Microsoft's Gesture Technology:

There are many companies who provides gestures technology for a device like Creative Intel Gesture Kit, Gesture Tek, Microsoft Kinect, Omek, PointGrab, AMD gesture Control, Gimespace cam control, Leap motion, etc. Let's talk about Microsoft's most popular gesture technology i.e. Kinect. Kinect is microsoft's motions sensor add-on for the Xbox 360 gaming console. Because of this user are able to interact with the game without any intermediary device. Mainly it is developed for playing the games. The camera in the device makes a skeleton of the players, motion sensor detects the movements of the player, face and voice recognition allows to identify individual players. Apart from the game it is useful in digital signage, virtual shopping, education, etc.