15 things you probably didn't know about Google Chromecast

Google playing a vital role in the modern internet and simplified the online life. Whatever you need a simple mail and cloud storage or Ad network or accurate Digital Maps, just go to Google, it has everything you need. And in last few years the Search Giant take over every Smart TV with its Google Chromecast, a streaming USB device.

google chromecast features

Google Chromecast maintained its position on the top of the Amazon's Best Selling List for the last 2 years until they removed all the streaming devices which don't support its native video streaming service. But now you can get Google Chromecast from the Google itself or you can order from Staples, Walmart, Target, Best Buy.

You can stream wirelessly direct from your Smartphone or PC and enjoy streaming GO, Hulu, Spotify, HBO, Netflix and much more for just $35 one time price for purchasing the Chromecast dongle. You can mirror your laptop or Smartphone screen into your Smart TV using Google Chromecast. The main reason behind its success is, its cheap price and its pure portability.

It got popularity when its first stock arrived in market in July 2013 and it's sales increased over the time. At Google I/O this year, Google said they already sold 25 millions Chromecast dongles.

Below I have given 15 tips and tricks that you probably didn't used with your Google Chromecast Dongle. check em'all.


google chromecast features - ethernet adapter

You can steam online videos on your Home TV using the Google Chromecast, but to avoid buffering while streaming you need to have strong wifi connection with around 30 MBPS or more download speed. You got that much speed? some other people are not lucky as you, so for those people they need an Ethernet Adapter to use with the Chromecast. You might confuse with Ethernet adapters as Power cords as they look very similar but the Plug end in Adapter includes an Ethernet port. Connect your Home Modem with that Ethernet Port and USB part with your Google Chromecast dongle. And attach your Chromecast with your Smart TV using HDMI cable.


google chromecast features - FREE OFFERS

As we all know Google Charge its users to watch movies available on Play Store, but Google regularly offers free movies and Videos to the users having Google Chromecast.

You can check their Offers for Chromecast Users page to check current running offers.


google chromecast features - DISPLAY PRESENTATION

Google allows its Google Slides users to share their presentations on their TV Screen through Chromecast. 

Steps to Share Presentations on the TV screen :
  1. Connect Your laptop/PC and TV on the same network
  2. Install Google Cast Extension into Chrome browser of your laptop/PC
  3. Now Go to the Presentation you want to share
  4. Click on Present Button
  5. And Click on Chromecast button given under drop down menu appeared after pressing Present Button


google chromecast features - PLAY GAMES DIRECT ON YOUR TV

Now you are not required to have Playstation  to play games on your TV, you can play many family kinda games using Chromecast on your TV. So download games into your Android/iOS device and use your phone as a controller while the game running on Television. There are hundreds of games for Chromecast are available on Google Play Store.


google chromecast features - SET CHROMECAST BACKGROUND

Google has given a large collection for Landscape Photography, landscape Art and Satellite images to set as a background for Chromecast. You can even choose from your own photos for Chromecast Background.

Steps to set Background image for Chromecast
  1. Go to Device Tab in Google Cast App
  2. If you have installed many Chromecast, then select the Chromecast you wants to customize from the given list
  3. Tab on the Hamburger Menu given at the right corner on the top of the screen
  4. Select backdrop settings
  5. Now you can select the option for import image like Google Photos, Flickr, Facebook Albums

Share Photos

google chromecast features - Share Photos

Got No Projector, Use Chromecast!!!
Google added support for Chromecast into Google Photos, so now you can share your images stored at Google photos directly on your TV screen.

Play Music on your TV

google chromecast features - Play Music on your TV

Google play music got support for Chromecast and now you could be able to play music stored in your Android or iOS device  into your TV.

Steps to Play music on TV
  • Just Open the Google Play Music Play
  • Tap on Cast icon
  • Choose the device from the list, that's it
If you want more music you can subscribe to their Music Service which costs you $9.99 per month. After this you would be able to play any music track available on the Play Store. Google currently providing 90 days free subscription with the new Chromecast device.

You can even subscribe to their Family Plan  for $14.9 per month which includes unlimited access to their music service, free Radio streaming service and YouTube Red (currently available only in US, Australia and New Zealand).

If your Tv speakers are don't have enough sound, you can buy their Chromecast Audio device fro just $35 which stream sound to the nearby Audio Devices through Wi-Fi.


google chromecast features - Spotify

A premium Spotify Subscriber can cast their tunes on their TV using Chromecast.

Steps to cast tunes on TV
  1. One Spotify
  2. Play any tune/track
  3. Select Available Devices
  4. Now select Chromecast from the list of Available devices

Share screen not Audio

google chromecast features - Share screen not Audio

If you need to watch something on your TV through Chromecast but dont wanna disturb others with the loud TV voice, then LocalCast App for Android is the best solution for you.

Using LocalCast app you would be able to play video on your TV screen, keeping audio in your Android/iOS Device, you can use Earphones/Headphones or play audio into device's default speakers.

Steps to share only Video not Audio
  1. Navigate to Now Playing Screen
  2. Tap on Route audio to the Phone
LocalCast is currently available in beta mode and While routing audio on device it may warn you about the buggy state of it.

Change quality of casting

google chromecast featuresgoogle chromecast features - Change quality of casting

You have choice to cast in any given quality, while casting from Chrome browser. You can choose from 480 px for slow networks, 720 PX and Extreme 729 PX for faster high bitrate networks.

Make sure you have Google Cast extension installed into your Browser. While casting click on Options button and then change the streaming quality as you need.

Collect Scattered Data and Watch on TV

google chromecast features - Collect Scattered Data and Watch on TV

The main problem with Chromecast is that it doesn't lets you play media stored into your local device or stored at cloud. But there is another app Media management app plex which lets you stream Movies, Music, Videos and Images through Chromecast.

With this app you can combine your scattered data into a single source and lets your play into your Smartphones, Tablets, laptops, PCand Mac systems.

Sign up for their Services and Download the app and start streaming your cloud data.

Android Mirroring

google chromecast features - Android Mirroring

If you have an Android Device running on Android 4.4.2 or above then you can mirror your Android's screen on your TV through Chromecast. It means whatever you see in your smartphone will also be seen into your TV upon mirroring.

Keep Updated with Apps

google chromecast features - keep updated with apps

Google keeps adding apps into your Chromecast to give your Chromecast several new abilities and great content. To find out about new apps and contents, visit Chromecast page for apps and tap on new.

YouTube Kids

google chromecast features - YouTube Kids

If you have YouTube kids at your home, then let them watch video without any restrictions. Youtube kids app allows age appropriate contents and videos from YouTube.

Allow guest to cast without sharing Password

google chromecast features - Allow guest to cast without sharing Password

Whether you have party guests or relatives coming to your home, Chromecast allows you to let them decide what to watch without sharing your wi-fi password. You can turn Chromecast into Guest mode by changing the device settings.

Now with Google's Cast ready app yours guest can cast into your device from within 25 feet distance from the Chromecast modem once this option appeared into their app setting.

You can cast manually by entering 4-digit PIN shown on the TV screen into app's settings.

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