Tips to Create simple & Easy Timeline PowerPoint Presentation

Power Point is an effective medium to create powerful presentations. You also have heard about Timelines in Power Point presentations. It is an easiest way to customize your PowerPoint presentations for important events, organization growth and progress. It is among the best way to engage your audience into your presentation.

simple and easy way for powerpoint presentations

There are various advantages of creating Timelines to a Power Point Presentation:

  1. More Creative
  2. Easily represent Milestones
  3. More effective
  4. More Flexible
  5. Looks Elegant

There are several ways how you can create a simple and yet effective timeline to your Power Point Presentation.

1. Using Arrows or Chevrons:

The continuous use of arrows and chevrons is the simplest way to create a timeline in power point presentations. There usability and readability make them the effective way to create timelines. The best advantage it offers is that it makes your audience go with full detail.

2. Using a Calendar:

The calendar in Power Point can be used to create timeline. It can be used to showcase a schedule. A calendar can be used in the case when you want to show the available and booked dates of the month.

3. Using a Symbolic Clock:

If calendar looks formal, the use of symbolic clock comes handy. You can represent months of a year by the hands of clock. The advantage it offers is that you can animate the segments of different stages.

4. Using Call Outs:

The Call Outs can be used to create Power Point timeline easily. The callouts can be used along with various points. Photos and captions can be easily inserted in the call outs. The call outs instead of giving a formal look, they appears little informal.

These above stated ways will create a simple timeline in your Power Point presentations effectively. Now let us study how to use these ways.

  • Open your Power Point Presentation into which you want to insert the timeline.
  • Hover to the desired slide.
  • Click on the insert tab from the menu bar.
  • Choose Smart Art from the insert tab.
  • Insert Smart Art of your choice.
  • You can also customize the design and format of your timeline. To use this feature, go to smart art tools design and format on the top of window. You can customize your timeline from here easily.

5. Using different tools:

There are various tools available on the Internet which will create an executive timeline for you. Here is a list of these tools.

  • Office TimeLine
  • Time Glider
  • Time Rime
  • Preceden
  • Dipity
  • Whenln Timeline
  • Time Kiwi
  • Slide Rocket
  • Prezi
  • Tiki Toki

We hope now you will be able to create a timeline in your Power Point presentation easily.  These above stated methods are the most simplest and tested methods for creating timeline in the PowerPoint.  The timelines are proved as a game changer in many presentations, it makes your audience go through things easily and clearly.

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