Candy crush saga for PC on Windows 7/8/10 and MAC with or without Bluestacks

Candy Crush Saga gives you exiting shape and larger board in level offering 9 rows* 9 column in some levels. To enhance you fun exiting level having obstacles are introduced with appreciable number of moves, goals and missions for the same. Candy crush saga is based on simple principle to that of Bejeweled, used for several years but the difference is in representation, leveling and raise in fun with six different types of candied: Red (jelly bean), Orange (lozenope), Yellow (lemon drop), Green(square), Blue(lollipop head), Purple(cluster).

Candy Crush Saga for PC

In 2012, as a Facebook app, Candy Crush Saga discovered and got its fame to the heights later by November 2012, as when it was launched for some smartphone. In March 2013, it surpassed farm villa (by Zygna) with the tag of “The most famous Facebook apps”. As per the surveys, it had 45.6 millions monthly users and its counts rose up on when it was introduced for Android and iOS based smartphones. As Candy Crush Saga for PC was never introduced but now you can have it in your computer system by following some simple steps.

Rules to play Candy Crush Saga

Rules for playing the game are similar to that of Bejeweled. By swiping the positions of candies in a move to combine more than two candies of the same colour in a linear manner of the same colour. Considering that you are known to the game we are skipping directly to the steps of its downloading.

Steps for Downloading Candy Crush Saga for PC

  1. You have to download an advanced simulator. Install the emulator so you can download the Candy Crush Saga for PC in your Windows or MAC
  2. After you download and install the emulator, run it. But if you get any error, you must check it out to our post on common Bluestacks for the recovery of any kind of installation error
  3. You have to click on search icon and type “Candy Crush Saga” on the home screen of Bluestacks
  4. Click on the version you want, out of the results showing list on the screen.
  5. Very soon the downloading of candy crush saga for the computer system will start and next to the installation.

It is the time to enjoy your candy crush saga on your computer system. But in case, if you have any issue regarding the downloading, you may leave a comment describing where the problem you have and then wait for our reply.

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