How to Install older version Apps into old iPhones

Frustrated of trying to install latest apps into your Old iPhone4G, iPhone 3G or 3GS running on their latest compatible v7 or v8 versions firmware, then I would like to tell, you are not the only one trying to do so, there are lots of many others like me and you having old iPhones and trying to keep up with the latest apps. With the launch of new Apple iPhones series like iPhone 5, 6 and 7, Apple recommends you to switch to latest iPhone and ditch your old phone and keep your iPhones updated with their regular releases.

install older version of apps into iphone

Since the FBI investigated upon Apple products and found many glitches in their older versions, due to security issues popular Social sites and many others companies like Instagram, Viber, Fb and Whatsapp stopped supporting the older versions of iPhones and now only compatible to latest firmware. And one bad thing about the Apple iPhones is you can download apps only from their official App Store which always shows latest available version of every single app unless you used some tweaks or having rooted iPhone. Due to the same security issues many old apps which haven’t released their updates stopped working for new iOS firmware and either the app developers also request you to switch to latest firmware and upgrade your iPhone.

install old version of apps in iphone

But the main problem with the new updates is, with latest releases new features are added but some older features also got removed and some people can’t afford upgrading to latest iPhone device. And this results with the old retired iPhone into their pocket with now extra apps other default apps. And some old features like download option from the Gaana app got removed with its latest release.

How to install older version apps

If you are little tech aware and know meshing up with your iPhone then stop shedding tears and enjoy installing every older version app in your iPhone 3G and 3GS. All you just need is to have root access of your iPhone.

Steps to follow :

  1. Jailbreak/ root your iPhone
  2. Install Appsync from Cydia app store
  3. Download older .ipa files enjoy installing

1. Jailbreak iPhone

how to jailbreak iphone

So the first step to follow is to root/ jailbreak your iPhone 3G/3GS, if you have already did it previously then you can skip this step. As we know we can only install Apps in our iPhones only from the App store, but after jailbreak, another App Store named “Cydia” gets installed having unlimited access to free and paid tweaks, addons, tools, apps and various patches for the default apps to enhance their functionalities. Jailbreak breaches your iPhone security system and allows you to install apps like iFile, Appsync etc. from third party sources and repositories.

cydia app store

If you haven’t jail-broke your iPhone yet, then do it first to before following others steps. There are various PC software available for different iOS versions. Find the iOS version your iPhone is running on and download the jailbreak tool accordingly. You can get more about jailbreak from this Wikipedia iOS jailbreaking page and this jailbreak Subreddit link.

Install Appsync from Cydia Repositories

After Jailbreaking, Cydia will be automatically installed into your iPhone. Now you have another app store popularly known for having cracked and nulled apps and which allow third party apps installations as well as older versions of various apps. But for the proper working of older apps your iPhone requires additional app called “Appsync” which is sourced into many Cydia repositories and freely available to download.

Popular repositories having Appsync are : iphonecake, appvv, appaddict, repocydia

how to install appsync

How to install Appsync

Before downloading Appsync tweak you need to add repo source for it and steps are given as :
  • Open Cydia app
  • Tap on Manage Button given at the bottom list
  • Tap on Edit button
  • Now tap on Add button
  • Enter the URL of any source including http:// part, having Appsync app added to their data base
  • Now click on Add source button
  • Wait for a moment until the repo got completely added
  • Now Tap on Search option given in the bottom list
  • And search for Appsync
  • You might found many versions for this tweak, few of them can only be downloaded into higher firmware supported iPhones, so try installing any of 4.X, 5.X or 6.X versions
  • Tap on AppSync for 4.0+ or Appsync for iOS 5 & 6
  • And now tap on Install button and again wait for a while

Use iTools for installing older version apps

how to install apps using itools

After installing Appsync, its time to move forward and try installing older version apps using iTools software for PC and iTools for Mac. iTools software is used to transfer data from your PC to your iPhone in any directory of your choice. It also works as a file manager or file explorer of your iPhone. To install any app, firstly you need to move that app into your iPhone using iTools.

install apps using itools

How to install apps using iTools

  • Connect your iPhone with your PC/Mac using USB Data cable
  • Execute iTools into your PC or mac
  • It will take a while to detect your iPhone, if it doesn’t show any connected device then make sure your Data cable is working fine and you iphone is properly connected to it. You can try restarting your PC if you are using iTools for the first time.
  • After detection of your iPhone, click on the Application section given at the left pane of the iTools software.
  • Download the .ipa files of the older version apps into your PC/Mac and drag and drop these apps into the Application section of iTools
  • Now install all the dropped apps and now you can use all these apps into your iPhone.

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