Interesting Facts About Deadly Blue Whale Challenge

Deadly Blue Whale Game Originated in Russia, but it is not confirmed that Blue Whale is the reason behind the 130 Suicide of Russian Teens.

Deadly Blue Whale Challenge

What Actually is Blue Whale Game ?

When I heard about this Blue Whale Game, I thought it just as an addictive game just like Pokemon GO, But when you dig deeper you will find that this is way more than just a game. The Blue Whale Challenge was originated through Russian Social media via Secret Groups and it is a Social Media Phenomenon like Harlem Shake and ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, it is not a downloadable Software or an App. When teens accept the challenge and enters into this game, then they are encouraged to complete the series of task starting from scratching one of the Game Hashtag "f57" on their arm with a Razor and ends with taking their own Lives in order to Win.

Blue Whale Challenge is aliased by many other names including "A Sea Of Whales", "Wake Me Up At 4:20am". The players has to complete One task within a day Everyday, so it takes 50 days to complete all 50 tasks. The Game is played via a popular Russian social network website, VKontakte.

Why this Challenge is known as Blue Whale?

If you ever heard about Blue Whale's Life and Death phenomenon, then you will find the similarity. According to a belief, In order to End their Life Blue Whale Voluntarily Kill themselves.

The challenge is very popular among 12-25 years old Russian kids since its very beginning, and its popularity has been grown to Central Asian countries, and according to some reports it is also spreading across UK and Europe. According to Russian Media, The Blue Whale Challenge is blamed as the reason behind the Suicides of 70-150 Russian Kids from October 2015 to April 2016.

How Candidates are Selected for this Challenge?

There are several Death & Suicide Groups on that Russian Social Network site VKontakte, the Curator (Administrator) find players from those groups. According to a report Russian Police have shut down several of those groups but as soon as police deleted those groups, new groups were made.

How to play Blue Whale Challenge?

Once the Curator selects any Candidate, they are given their the First Simple Task, the first task can be anything like listening to a certain song, scratching whale symbols on your skin, waking up at unusual time or watching unsettling videos. The First task of Blue Whale Challenge comes around 4:20 -4:30 AM. Every time you completes a task, you need to provide a Photograph or Video for the proof of Completion to the Curator or Administrator.

Blue Whale Player Rina Palenkove

Rina Palenkove, An 18 Year old Girl took this selfie In December 2015 and posted online some moments before jumping in front of an on going train. The Train Driver tried to stop the train but the due to speed he didn't succeed and the Girl got killed by the Impact. Along-with the Selfie that girl posted "Goodbye" Status on her different social media networks. After her death several groups on and other sites shared that selfie claiming that the girl was part of their group.

In Early Months of 2017, 15 years old Yulia Konstantinova and 16 years old Nika Volkova, took their lives by jumping together from the top of a 14 storey-building and this incident is directly related to Blue Whale Challenge. Before Jumping Nika posted "Sense is Lost.... End." on VKontakte and Yulia changed her status on VKontakte to 'END' & posted A Picture of Blue Whale on Instagram and other Social Media. There were some connections between the 70-150 Suicide of Russian Kids and the Blue whale challenge and similar games, but due to lack of evidence no concrete links were confirmed by Police.

"There are 130 Children Suicides from November 2016 to March 2017 in Russia and all the victims were members of same Suicide Group" - Novaya Gazeta

Being members of Same group doesn't means the Admins of that Group encouraged teens to take their lives. An Russia has high suicide rate among teenagers. In 2013 around 460 teenagers committed suicide. And Blue Whale Challenge is not officially found the cause behind the increase in the suicide rate.

These So called Death And Suicide Groups, convenience teenagers for suicide by telling them they are ugly looking, dumped, losers etc.and they also tell them about another world where those kids will be with among the chosen ones.

Complete List of 50 Blue Whale Challenges

The complete list of Blue Whale tasks were posted in comment section of Russian Website on a post about the story of Blue Whale Game. The List was in Russian Language so A Reddit user posted the translated version of that list of 50 tasks assigned to every Blue Whale Game Player.
  1. Scratch one of the Game Hashtag like 'F57' on your Arm and send the picture to the Curator
  2. The Curator will send you a Scary video, wake up at 4:20 Am and watch that Video
  3. Take a Razor and cut your wrist along with the Veins with it, don't cut too deep only 3 cuts are sufficient, send the Snapshot to the Curator
  4. Draw Blue Whale on a Paper Sheet and Send Picture to the Curator
  5. Carve 'YES' on any of your leg if you want to become a Blue Whale, or cut yourself as many time as you can as a punishment if your answer is no
  6. Task with a Cipher
  7. Carve Another Game Hashtag 'F40' on your hand and send image to the Curator
  8. Post a status on having Text Message "#i_am_whale"
  9. Overcome your Fear
  10. Wake up at 4:20 Am (of your timezone) and Go to the Roof, the higher you go the better you will feel
  11. Scratch a Whale on either of your hand and send image to the curator
  12. Watch Scary psychedelic videos all the day
  13. The Curator will send you some Music Recordings, you have to listen to that music
  14. Scratch your Lips
  15. Poke your Arms many times with Needle
  16. Make yourself sick, do something really bad to yourself
  17. Stand on the edge of the highest Roof you can find
  18. Stand on the Edge of the Bridge
  19. Try to Climb up on a crane
  20. The Admin/Curator will analyse you are trustworthy or not
  21. Talk to the Whale: Have a talk with another Trustworthy Player or with the Curator on Skype
  22. Sit on the Edge of your Roof and make your lags dangling
  23. Second Task with a Cipher
  24. Secret Task
  25. Meeting with a Whale: Face to Face Meeting with another Blue Whale Candidate
  26. The Curator will send you the date you will die and you have to accept that date
  27. Wake up at 4:20 AM and go to the nearest Railway Tracks
  28. Stay Mock and din't talk to anyone all the Day
  29. Make a Vow that 'You are now a Whale'
Task 30-49 are repeating, like you need to wake up at 4:20 AM everyday and listen to the music and watch the horror videos the curator sent you and talk to another candidate and make daily one cut on your body.
  1. Take Your Life by Jumping off a High Building. 

Do you Still want to Play Blue Whale Challenge?

Assuming that the Blue Whale Challenge exist and you are still desperate to play the game then it's going to very hard to find and enter into the game. You wouldn't find the solution on Google or Facebook Groups, according to some reports the Game works in some secret groups and Private Chats.

As I have told you the Curator and the Admins choose their candidates through the Death and Suicide Groups, so there is nothing you can do to enter into this game, all you can do is to join few popular secret death and suicide groups. You might be eager to join because you want to expose the curator and other admin, but keep one thing in your mind, those people who encourage others to take their own life or someone else's life, are sick and you don't even have slight idea about what those sick people can do and what they are capable of. A Blue Whale Challenge Survivor Shared these Horrifying details at Gloss99

Clicking on suspicious links might lead into downloading vulnerable files into your system that allow hackers to enter into your system and steal your personal files and then blackmail you to enter into the game, so be alert before clicking suspicious links or downloading suspicious files.

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