A brief introduction about iPhone 6S & 6S Plus | Unique Features

With the aim in consistency with perception of brand, apple gave its best in its new and advanced iPhone 6S. As it’s tagline indicates ‘The only thing that changed is everything’, the version introduced with so many latest and exiting features like 3D touch and live camera in terms of camera hardware. It seems the best smartphone that one should buy.

iPhone 6s and 6s plus

The smartphone looks very similar to that of iPhone 6 but its slight thickness and heaviness in weight create some difference which is not even noticeable. However, for some changes with this version apple introduces a new rose gold variation in colour which resembles like light shade of pink with a gold tint. Improvement in metal and glass quality with rounded edges and curved front glass panel makes it comparatively more attractive.

It has been claimed by apple that, the strongest material included 7000 series aluminum for the body and strongest glass cover is used for the iPhone 6S. It implicates their confidence toward their hard work over the version after the ‘bend gate’ controversy with its iPhone 6. So, it would not be wrong, to predict iPhone 6S be the perfect phone for one hand use. For those who liked the iPhone 6’s design, then nothing can resist them to appreciate iPhone 6S and especially when, we know it also support all the features of iPhone 6.

Lets unbox iPhone 6S

Apple don’t doctored the 4.7 inches display with 750 *1334 pixel resolution packing in 336 pixel per inch of iPhone 6 in iPhone 6S. However, the pixilation and distortion don’t seem to be mentioned until you look really closely. But still, we wished apple must have a full HD display. Due to dual domain pixel, display is readable even in sunlight and has wide angles. Screen also supports the fingerprint resistant ole-phobic coating to prevent smudging. And sensor to recognize different levels of force for new 3D touch feature raised the rating in the display.

Unique software feature: iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S plus involves features like 3D touch and live photos to distinguish it with other like iOS 9 and many more.

3D touch

Apple developed the feature of 3D touch in iPhone 6 and 6S series. This feature was first found in apple watches and now the feature is being introduced in the new way of interacting in phone’s touch screen. Here, with 3D touch, you don’t have to pinch or double tap the screen to zoom the view on screen in your regular phones but only have to press the screen forcefully.

It consists of two touch levels: peek and pop. The feature is implemented in apps like photos, phones, messages, camera, mails, Facebook, Instagram, Zomato, Paytm. For haptic feedback (a subtle variation) on peek or pop, a new taptic engine is also proposed. There will be no issue in using this user friendly feature as you can preview email, messages or pictures on peek gesture and open them with a pop. Just a firm swipe from left to right edge for a multitasking view and no need to double tap on home button. Another option of softer keyboard can be used as track-pad, to navigate around a document on obsessive tapping the keyboard. It enable you to go to some particular section of app without opening it, as on a force tap on camera would be a shortcut to selfie mode or post a tweet quickly by going directly on screen. Similarly, forcefully tap on music button could show you playback controls directly.

Live photo

Shooting a 3 seconds animated GIF with sound each time when you only capture a still, seems fun and exiting. And iPhone 6S and 6S plus in providing you the feature of live photo. This time camera will capture not only a picture but some action before you hit the shutter button and on a tap hold on screen, live photo will play. iPhone 6S offers you to set your live photo as your wallpaper and play on taping the screen. Sharing of live photo via iMessage, iCloud photo sharing or air drop as well as other apple devices including apple watches is in the same services. And it would be no longer when you could share live photos on Facebook and Whatsapp also.

Other brands like Window's Lumia and HTC are also offering the same features but not with convenience and user friendly manner like apple. However, on comparison with Samsung’s new note phone and S6 edge+ give tough competition but iPhone’s USP is retaining consistency.

iPhone 6S doesn’t facilitates Optical Image Stabilization, but it is only from the plus. It could reduce the shot light and also lowered the shake in videos. iPhone 6S supports for 4K recording, as it enable to shoot video in resolution four times higher than full HD. Still, 4K playback could be supported by some certain screen. However, it is not for the first time for the front flash for selfies in low condition, but it added another feature in iPhone 6S account. There are lots of incredible iPhone apps you need to give a try.

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