Basic Introduction about Android N 7.0

In the technical world of smart phone, tablets and technical appliances like TV, refrigerators and fans, Android is on every tongue. And here is some great news for all android lovers that its most upcoming version is about to be in their devices. Nowadays, Google.Inc is working over the same version Android 7.0 N.

things to know about Android N 7.0 Nougat

However, the abbreviation to ‘N’ is still a secret but some interesting and educated guesses are raising the curiosity. Similar to the previous version like: Kitkat, Marshmallow, Jelly bean, Lollipop, Donuts, Eclairs and many more, it may also be some sweet like: Nut rolls, Nougat, Nestle, Napoleon, Nonnevot or for some same change it may be spicy this time as Nut crackers or something else like Nectar.

The latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow has not even celebrated its first annual ceremony and Android 7.0 N is in its early stages and expected to release later this year. But still you can download and install the Android 7.0 N version right now. You must be careful as, it is not certain for the regular smart phones because of its earliest preview. So, users are advised to make sure of it and then download it.

different Android Versions

Precautions to taken before you download Android 7.0 N:

You may download and install the Android 7.0 N right now but, Before you download and install the version in any of the device mentioned above, you back up your device for sure.

For this go to Settings > Backup.

If it doesn’t work as the developer preview is likely to have some bugs in it, and then conclude that Android 7.0 N is not for that device and having backup will easily enables you to get back to your earlier version.

For this go to Settings > Backup > Reset.

You must assure that ‘Back my data’ and ‘Automatic restore’ are checked. If still you want to back up your photos, you have another option, you can connect your Android device with PC through USB and use your phone in ‘Window’ or ‘Mac OS X’. Browse the DCIM folder and copy it over. To assure that every data is absolutely backed up, refer to our guide for backing to your android device.

Steps to download and install Android 7.0 N:

  • Back up your device properly, before downloading Android 7.0 N and refer to the webpage for Android 7.0 N information developer preview.
  • The well study of the overview of preview page will show you the sort of features and functionality that you will get on downloading the Android 7.0 N.
  • Downloading the Android 7.0 N is easy on getting the developer’s preview on compatible device through Android Beta Program.
  • Simply visit the Android Beta Program and sign in via you Google account. As you signed in once, enroll your eligible device. For enrolling your device in Android Beta Program, just click on ’Enroll Device’ button. Now you will get all the air updates to Android 7.0 N, as you would get with regular OS updates.

Manually updating is another option for downloading and installing Andriod 7.0 N. However, this way is risky and complicated for updating Andriod 7.0 N. but still, if you are interested, you may follow Google’s instruction on how to flash your Nexus device.

Switch Back to earlier version:

If you want to back with your earlier version, you just have to Undo the changes made into your device. Rush to Android Beta Program website and rollback your device. Reinstall your older public version of Android, you wanted. Here again assure that your device is backed up primarily. If it is not, it may also destroy any user data from your device.

There must be some expected bugs and errors and for smooth and safe working, you must wait for the ultimate release of Android 7.0 N. So, the users are advised to enjoy the latest features like bundled notification and multi-window support, but after assuring that your device could work with Android 7.0 N. Another thing to keep in mind is that, this version is currently work only with Pixel C or some latest Nexus devices like: Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Nexus 6, Nexus player, Nexus 8.

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