Conserving landscapes, changing lives

Dartmoor National Park is a protected landscape that people come to enjoy, but it is fragile and needs to be cared for.

Dartmoor is an important reserve for some very rare plants and animals and is home to over 50% of Britain’s population of several globally threatened species. These include; Greater Horseshoe Bat, Blue Ground Beetle, Bog Hoverfly and Flax-leaved St John’s-wort.
And there are nationally important populations of Dormouse, Cirl Bunting, High Brown Fritillary, Pearl-bordered Fritillary, Marsh Fritillary, Freshwater Shrimp and Deptford Pink within the National Park. Dartmoor also provides an important stronghold for otters, a globally threatened and protected species.

The Moor Otters public arts initiative will provide sponsors with a unique opportunity to benefit greatly from their association with this high profile event in 2017, which has the goal of raising funds to conserve our unique landscapes and make them accessible to all people of all backgrounds.

The funds generated will be used to help change people’s lives though their experience of Dartmoor National Park, in three different ways:

  • Improving access – Repairing and preventing erosion on public rights of way, making some routes more accessible, replacing styles with gates, creating wheelchair/tramper friendly routes
  • Changing young people’s lives – Funding our Junior Ranger programme, supporting education access, working with young people on conservation programmes
  • Helping hands, healthy hearts and minds – Getting people involved in practical conservation work through volunteering. Conserving the landscape, while improving physical and mental health and wellbeing.