Have you ever Seen Flash Drives with more data capacity than your HDD ??

Have you ever imaged that you got a flash drive with capacity more than of your Hard disk drives's?? Generally a tech nerd ever want to backup/store all their favorite digital data into something they can carry with them. You might thinking that there are already Portable HDD with lots of storage capacity that you can carry with you, then where is the problem? Yeah there are portable HDDs with lots of capacity but you can't keep them in your pockets, if you do there will be chances of malfunctioning or breakdown. But now no need to carry heavy portable HDDs, when you have flash drive to store data in terabytes.

Kingston flash drive with largest storage capacity of 2 TB

A popular Brand Kingston have made USB drives with storage capacity over 2 Terabytes, The "DataTraveler Ultimate Generation Terabyte" with storage capacity of 2 TB. And with this Kingston made the world's highest capacity USB flash drive. The last known record for highest capacity USB drive was also set by the Kingston with their 1 TB storage capacity flash drive.

The new 2 TB drive comes up with the USB 3.1 Adapter and the Shock-Resistance causing allow-metal Zinc. You might be wondering about how many things you can store in this new 2 TB drive, let me give a hint, you can store 4K quality videos of 70 hours. You can store all those 60 hours of Game of Thrones episodes in 4K, which you pirated downloaded from torrents and still enough room for other videos.

The price point is not currently set for either 1 TB and 2 TB model, but they both are primed to ship in the month of February. Remember that stuffing all those things in just a small package that fits in your palm wouldn't come cheap.

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